The UK has appointed a special representative on climate change says the BBC.

Interesting. Does this prove that we’re taking climate change seriously, or does it prove we’re more interested in words than action?


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    Just thought worth mentioning the Climate Change Animation Guide + slider on the right of the BBC article. Of course sixty years or more from now is not relevant to today’s US Administration. But interesting that Africa & Southern Europe heat up first, and Asia + Australia 30 years later.

    Of course the (original)idea of weather prediction was to remind us to take an umbrella to prevent us getting soaked.

    With Climate Prediction I suppose sales of Chinese Sun brollies, shades + suntan oil should boom in coming decades.

  2. A bit OT but my ask the expert question for June:

    I have read that even if all anthropogenic emissions are stopped tommorow, the climate will continue to warm for some decades. Is that right? How many decades?

    [Yes thats right, the warming would fall of asymptotically, the “committed” warming is 0.5-1 oC I think, most of which shows up in a few decades. This is part of JAs arguement that predict the near-future climate change is not so hard -W]

  3. quasar 9,

    Of course the (original)idea of weather prediction was to remind us to take an umbrella to prevent us getting soaked.

    From the Wikipedia

    Robert FitzRoy uses the new telegraph system to gather daily observations from across England and develops synoptic charts allowing predictions to be made, at the same time coining the term “weather forecast”. The first ever daily weather forecasts were published by him in The Times in 1860, and in the following year a system was introduced of hoisting storm warning cones at principal ports when a gale was expected.

    This was the same Admiral Robert FitzRoy who had commanded The Beagle of Darwin’s voyage. His telegraph was inspired by the identification of storm systems that did damage over a long swath. Reputedly, the Royal Navy was more concerned about the sinking of the Royal Charter than about umbrellas.

  4. #4 quasar9

    CIP atmospherics + imperialism your cup of tea still?
    Weather/Climate: storms, winds, rains, calm, Sunny days.

    Vynil out, DVDs today whatever ‘new’ format tomorrow
    Plastic shades out, expect sales boom of new cool shades, parasols, suntan lotion or oil, in China, India & Africa. uuuh possibly made in Taiwan, China et al. lol!

    Have a nice atmosphere!

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