We’re number 3!

Says nature, ranking science blogs.

Stefan Rahmstorf, a climate scientist who blogs at RealClimate, puts its success down to the hot topic and expert contributors. It helps to have “a passion for explaining things as clearly as possible, and a hell of a lot of patience to deal with all those comments rolling in”. Gavin Schmidt, at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, says the blog fills “a hunger for raw but accessible information” that goes deeper than newspaper articles, but is more easily understood than the scientific literature. “Magazines fill a void, but they can’t react or interact as effectively as blogs.”

#1 is Paul Myers, but he doesn’t like weasels.

Also, we feature at the BBC – as does a slightly odd choice of wiki entries.


  1. #1 Mark Hadfield

    “#1 is Paul Myers, but he doesn’t like weasels”

    Neither do I, nasty clumsy things, not at all like those sleek, sinuous stoats.

    Remember: weasels are weaselly identified and stoats are stoatally different.

  2. #2 coby

    And, not far behind, riding on Real Climate’s coat tails is your’s truly at number 33!

    (they don’t know I am not even a scientist, nobody say anything)

    [Shhhhh. You are on the BBC list of resources, did you notice? -W]

  3. #3 coby

    Yes, I saw that in my referals.

    Wikitizing is in the near future, I need to get some time together for another burst and also find a place to host a domain. I have briefly been in touch with Alex Stephan from WorldChanging.com, he was wanting to mobilize their masses for a wiki with a similar purpose and he offered hosting. Soon…

  4. #4 Carl Christensen

    I hear climateaudit is busily, errr, auditing this list so I imagine RC will drop soon and McI will be #1! ;-)

  5. #5 TCO

    Why isn’t Steve’s blog even on the list? They have a lot of traffic. Not arguing about what place, but not even on the list of top 50? Were they just not sampled (for their fault or the surveys)? I’m not saying they were slighted, but just as a rational netizen wouldn’t you put them in the list? I mean, I’m a rethuglican but I still think DKos belongs near the top of the list of political blogs.

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