See here for Oliver Postgates view on Global warming. And what he has to say about childrens TV is good too. This because he put an advert in the Grauniad yesterday (which I can’t find online; but I can find a story about it).


  1. #1 Lubos Motl

    The most intelligent leader of a EU member country also says No to global warming.

    “What is concisely referred to as global warming, is a fatal mistake of the present time.”

  2. #2 Carl Christensen

    Lubos translated — desparate eastern European politicians still doing what they can for Americam bucks.

  3. #3 Lubos Motl

    Dear Carl, Klaus is not only the most independent and un-manipulable leader in Europe but he is also the guy who pays various people to work for him, exactly in the opposite way than you say. He is a superstar and it is too bad that the European Union is more occupied by lousy corrupt sleepy bureaucrats who enjoy groupthink, who are doing nothing, and who prefer to get involved intellectually undemanding, politically correct “discussions”.

  4. #4 Lubos Motl

    Incidentally, Carl, you should fix your knowledge of history and geography. Czech lands have been a part of the Western culture at least for 1,000 years. And even despite the years of the communist devastation, Prague – where Klaus lives at a certain Castle – is again running at 153% of the average EU GDP per capita, the only region in the new member countries that is above 125%.

    So it is much more likely that we will buy you and Connolley and employ you as a toilet paper or a similar job.

  5. #5 coby

    Lubos, your charm is exceeded only by your intellect!

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