I mean, of course, the recent UNFCCC conference, not the city. There is a very negative BBC report. It seems to me that this is one of those scheduled meetings that has to be held even though nothing will come of it other than a pile of CO2 emitted by the delegates.

So… does anyone have a good word to say for it?


  1. #1 Eli Rabett

    The snark was excellent

  2. #3 Carl Christensen

    HAHA, Lubos once again is preaching the Inhofe screed, good god. Plenty of greenhouse gases given off by Repuke voters, their bovine flatulence, and & wars? ;-)

  3. #4 Danø

    I’ve just now realized that the scary picture the Noise Machine uses to marginalize scientists – priest-like, robed – is based on big-ego acting like what Lubos does in comments.



  4. #5 garhane

    Well yes, it is the mainline of human advance. Riddled with contradictions, beset by liars and rogues, “…going here and then again there with nothing before them but the mists, and they rolling down the bog….” (O’Casey). What would you prefer, 5 minutes of Bush; 5 hours of any cluster of national politicians you may name. It really does seem hopeless until you consider the alternatives. Did Churchill say something like that? Why are you talking about Stern except to persuade, a little, at least a few members of that audience.
    I am afraid it is the best we can do at the moment. Check again in a century or two, maybe we will get better at this civilisation thing. Meanwhile RJP is not part of the mainline or any advance.

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