Peanut butter cookies

This is a recipe for peanut butter cookies. It was my sons homework last weekend. It worked out very well so I shall put it here so I don’t lose it.

You need: 75g butter; 50g peanut butter (we used smooth); 100g castor sugar; 100g soft brown sugar; 1 egg; 150g flour; 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Turn oven to 190 oC. Mix peanut butter, butter, sugar and egg. Add flour and salt and mix to dough. Make dough into 36 balls. Put balls on baking tray(s). Flatten with fork to make criss-cross pattern.

Bake for 10-12 mins, until golden brown. Cool on trays and enjoy.


  1. #1 Lubos Motl

    Congratulations that the climate change consensus has been just joined by 30 million creationists from most U.S. evangelical churches!

    The only thing you had to agree with is that the life must now be called The Creation. ;-)

  2. #2 Eli Rabett

    Not yet. This is but a small coven of the 30 mil, and the 30 mil is just a small part of the 100 mil or so evangelicals in the US. But yes, even they are smarter than Lubos and know when to fold a losing hand.

  3. #3 Lubos Motl

    Concerning “losing hand”, you may want to look how a real consensus looks like:

    An alarmist like you – Dr. Heidi Cullen – has proposed to regulate skeptics among weathermen and she’s been answered by 1600+1200 comments by Americans whose 95%+ are highly negative towards her thinking.

    You can’t win this stupid game unless you will take control of the whole country like Lenin did. It’s simply because every time this alarmist garbage spreads to a new place such as the Weather Channel, such a channel is going to bankrupt because people are simply not interested in this trash.

    [Gosh Lubos she has wound up a lot of the usual suspects. Are you lot getting desperate? -W]

  4. #4 Lubos Motl

    Have you linked to some porn? Or is it because of your broken English? Your Google PageRank has dropped from 6 to 0.

    [Search me guv. I never check these Im afraid. Those who matter know where to look -W]

  5. #5 Lubos Motl

    Of course that I am getting desperate whenever the alarmist [expletive removed by the author] fail to get a proper thrashing for some time.

    I hope that your bad neighborhood will spread to If a website links to a junk website that has been moved to PR0, it should also become PR0 after some time. ;-)

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