Not quite up to Albuquerque levels, but may well be the once-in-a-year event for Cambridge. We woke up to… a white blanket enveloping everything, or so it looked at first sight. On second sight it was a bit thinner and the grass was showing through. Still, it was enough for Daniel to get up and out and start making a giant snowball. Miranda stayed in bed though.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to have brought the M11 to a halt, even England can cope with less than 1 cm of snow.


  1. #1 Andrew Dodds

    Didn’t get as far south as Bath.. Hruph.

    Only time we ever get snow is in the afternoon/evening, so that instead of not being able ot get to work, we can’t get home from work. This being proof that climate is in fact determioned entirely by capracious entities blowing from the edge of the map.

  2. #2 Alex

    Well, it managed to make my train 34 minutes late this morning , but I was happy. It snowed!

  3. #3 gengar

    even England can cope with less than 1 cm of snow

    Not likely. Panic in the face of a light dusting of frozen rain is a proud English tradition.

  4. #4 SteveF

    This climatic downturn is very welcome. It means that the Northern Line at 8am is merely uncomfortable, as opposed to virtually unbearable. I even kept my coat on today.

  5. #5 afarensis

    May I make a humble suggestion as to a novel use of snow?

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