Archives for February 5, 2007

In my rapid skim of the junk that the Independent put out, I missed the classic I’ve just used as a headline. Hat tip to Coby for actually reading the stuff. To quote Coby: It makes James Inhofe sound reasonable. And that’s no small feat!

Why do Science in Antarctica?

Nature, in the course of editorialising on the vast waste of money that is the US return to the moon plan (although they don’t say that), sez, making the analogy with the return to the South Pole in the IGY: since humanity’s return to the South Pole, Antarctic science has been central to the great…

From the washington post on the AR4: Global Warming Unstoppable, Report Says. Hmmm. Which is worse? The press reporting the skeptics saying GW isn’t happening / isn’t human / isn’t a problem. Or the press telling us we’re all doomed already (so may as well drive those SUVs and crank up the AC…). “It’s not…


Tired of AR4? Then read Russ’s blog about aircraft instrumentation down at Rothera.