Guest post on TGGWS

I have a guest post over at Ellee Seymour‘s blog. Its an attempt at explaining TGGWS for more political type folks.

Meanwhile The Independent has an article on the faked graphs; sadly the online version hasn’t got the pix.


  1. #1 Ellee

    William, thank you for the post, and it’s helpful to see the graph too.

  2. #2 Moira

    Well, I hope you’re thoroughly ashamed of yourself, because according to Ch4 it’s just not fair to point out when scientists are fudging their data.–bad-science-&method=full&objectid=18749397&siteid=50082-name_page.html

  3. #3 Hank Roberts

    Interesting to note that besides the U-tube copies, Russell Seitz is now hosting a copy of this broadcast personally. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go see which version he’s providing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this spreads. I’m afraid this is the future —- video’s most convincing to people who don’t read for information.

    I suppose those distributing copies have decided to violate the copyright law in a higher cause — or was the program put into public domain?

  4. #4 moira

    Probably best to stick your fingers in your ears when Durkin hears about this – The Now Show 16/3/07 BBC Radio 4

  5. #5 Adam

    “video’s most convincing to people who don’t read for information.”

    It would be good to see a decent science programme do a “Fundamentals Of Climate Change” or even a version of Spencer Weart’s book (or David Archer’s or Houghton’s or a mix). I know there’s AIT, but something with climate scientist talking heads and proper graphs etc. would look very good. It might need to be a multi-parter which wouldn’t help. I don’t know if Horizon or Equinox (does that still exist?) would be up to the job.

  6. #6 guthrie

    I’ve watched maybe a dozen hours of TV in the past six months, so am not exactly up to speed, but I am sure that Equinox is gone, and there are few science based programs on TV. They’d rather do something about archeology.

  7. #7 Naadir Jeewa

    Adam: Attenborough did an excellent two parter “Are we changing Planet Earth?” It was broadcasted on CBC Newsworld as “The Truth About Global Warming”. Small clips here:

    I would suspect that BBC’s Horizon unit is already preparing a response. They always like to debunk any crap that C4 outputs.

  8. #8 Dean Morrison
  9. #9 Custom Stickers

    It would be excellent to see a excellent scientific disciplines program do a “Fundamentals Of Environment Change” or even a edition of Spencer Weart’s publication (or Mark Archer’s or Houghton’s or a mix).

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