Nature has started a new blog, So far so good, I wish them well, and it will be interesting to see how it goes on.

The fun aspect of all this is the fight for readers and commentors; a blog with no comments is hardly a blog at all. RP Jr has a post up that has so far attracted more comments at the riposte on deltoid than the original Nature blog. Whether this is because Deltoid has more readers; or Nature is heavily moderating comments; or people just like talking more at Deltoid, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, von S’s entry on The decay of the hockey stick annoys McI (quite justifiably I think) by apparently implying that von S started all this off. Of course von S also doesn’t find time to mention the various criticisms of his own paper. In this case a whole pile of commentors *have* posted the same complaints at Nature, but no reply from von S so far.

[Update: having submitted a comment, I got an email in reply:

I am out of the office until Wednesday, 9 May and will respond to
any queries on my return,

Many thanks,


DISCLAIMER: This e-mail is confidential and should not be used by anyone who…

Oh dear. That should make for lively discussion! Looks like Eli has the same.

Though, to be fair, my comment has appeared! (See also the comment thread here. They *are* letting things through, the emails are just teething troubles – apologies for jumping on them for it, I just couldn’t resist). Sadly my comment is a bit wrong, there *were* 3 reconstructions, though this goes even more against von S since they all agree: see -W]

[Update: I just wanted to say “ner-ner-ner-ner-ner” to Eli and James and Steve and everyone else not on Natures blogroll. Though with mature posts like this one it won’t be long before I’m off :-) -W]


  1. #1 Adam

    Eli may be able to explain the lack of comments?

  2. #2 Oliver

    And your second comment has appeared too. Some teething troubles at our end…

  3. #3 Hank Roberts

    So, have you all been successfully growing teeth?

  4. #4 Hank Roberts

    Apparently not. I got personal email, cc’d to ‘Olive’, I followed that up with an attempted posting in the thread several days ago. But my submisison hasn’t appeared, leaving the last word to ‘bubba’ there.

    I suggested they should publish the email, if they agree it’s appropriate, and change the illustration.

    This would be appropriate:

    I suppose it will fade away, it no longer appears as a current topic for discussion.


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