Yes, its cr*p

The logo for the London Olympics, that is. Or maybe “the powerful, modern emblem symbolises the dynamic Olympic spirit and its inspirational ability to reach out to people all over the world”.


  1. #1 guthrie

    Thats horrible. My not quite 2 year old nephew could design something like that.

    By the way, your not from Edinburgh are you?

  2. #2 joltvolta

    I hope that is an overhead layout of the facilities or something. If not, I agree with guthrie. It does reach out to the world… and makes them want to vomit.

    — jolt

  3. #3 Aerik

    the logo looks like Lisa Simpson performing fellatio.

  4. #4 Ex-drone

    What did it look like before it fell on the floor and broke into pieces?

  5. #5 IanR

    Wow, that’s bad. It looks like an SS symbol that had a brick dropped on it. So is it a pro-Nazi symbol or an anti-Nazi symbol? :)

  6. #6 Adam

    I have a suggestion that would improve it. Replace the word “London” with the word “Paris”. ;)

  7. #7 pough

    The fact that that logo even got past any initial stages is a grim reminder that we, as a species, are good at doing horrifically stupid things. I looked at it and thought, “war isn’t so bad an idea that it’s impossible for us.”

  8. #8 Eli Rabett

    According to yahoo news looking at it causes seizures. I kid you not

  9. #9 guthrie

    Eli- from what I heard on the radio, it was more that an expert suggested it could cause siezures. Thus the media translates possibilities into definites, and misleads people.

  10. #10 fergus

    Aerik’s is a good one :). At first I thought ‘wtf is Zorz?’, until I realised that it shows a cartoon hippo doing the ‘I’m a little teapot’ dance. Or something.

  11. #11 Cowbell

    I read it was the -animated- version of the logo causing epileptic type seizures…not surprising if you’ve seen it.

    “The fits are alleged to have been caused by a five-second diving sequence of a pool erupting in colour”

  12. #12 Adam

    What, this one?

    NB it’s not especially subtle, so I won’t take offence if the link gets removed. :)

  13. #13 Aerik

    Adam! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  14. #14 Lolita30Wiggins

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