Old man in a cave has a nice post on the US CCSP draft document out on its website; Climate Models – an Assessment of Strengths and Limitations for User Applications. I’ve just scanned the exec summary and didn’t see any surprises. Hopefully they found something more interesting to say in the main text.


  1. #1 Alexander Ac

    Dear William,

    are climate models predicting *faster* warming of troposphere than warming at the surface? If so, could it pose a serious flaw for the climate models? I have just read this RC post: http://www.realclimate.org/index.php?p=179 – if the troposphere temperature data are proven to be correct, should the models be rebuild?

    [Models and theory predict that the trop should warm faster than the sfc (in the tropics mostly). This is consistent with the obs, so all is well. It would be nice to know why RSS and UAH get different values from the tropics though -W]

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