A reader enquires the right-wing blogosphere and US media is reporting that Al Gore planned a rock concert in Antarctica in July, but when contacting BAS was told that it’s mid-winter and a bad time to make the attempt (e.g. this).

Well its no secret that What must surely be the coolest gig in this summer’s Live Earth concerts takes place at the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station. On 7 July the science team’s indie-rock house band, Nunatak* will debut in the global event that features over 100 of the world’s top musical acts. Concerts from all 7 continents will raise awareness of climate change world-wide. Darkness and freezing temperatures isolate the Antarctic continent during the Southern Hemisphere winter so the only people who can actually go to the Antarctic concert will be Nunatak’s 17 over-wintering colleagues. But an astounding 2 billion people worldwide will get to enjoy the 5-piece combo through broadcasts on TV, film, radio and the internet.

AFAIK there was never any thought of shipping people in.


  1. #1 Carl Christensen

    that’s great for Nunatak, a broadcast to 2 billion people is a hell of a way to get some exposure. hopefully they’ll inspire at least a billion to go into science! ;-)

    it’s interesting though how much of the “invented story” is getting press too (i.e. “Al Gore wanted to ship in U2 to Antarctica in the middle of Antarctic winter” etc). I guess right-wing nutters just have this fixation on everything Al & Bill & Hillary do. They would microanalyze (and invent) minutiae like this, but ignore the Bush klan over a host of evils! :-)

  2. #2 Munin

    I just hope they’re better than some of the in-house bands at the CERN Hardronic Festival. Listen at your peril.

    [You can keep on hoping ;-) -W]

  3. #3 inel

    Nunatak inspired many people, and the penguins waddling along to hear the band were entertaining too!

    I posted Nunatak’s YouTube videos on my Live Earth Wembley playlist and have since had several people asking for the lyrics to ‘How Many People (Feel The Things We Do)?’

    While I wait for the official BAS press officers to respond to my request, do you know anyone else at BAS who could jot down the lyrics for us?

  4. #4 GenevaCarson

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