Sez the Grauniad. So far so dull. More interesting was TVs and computers are the “electronic babysitters” for a generation of children who are losing out on family life and becoming more materialistic, a report says today. The study paints a picture of a breed of “screen kids” who are spending more and more time watching TV and surfing the net in their bedrooms, unsupervised by adults. The Watching, Wanting and Wellbeing report from the National Consumer Council found nearly half the children from better-off families surveyed had televisions in their bedrooms, compared with 97% of the nine- to 13-year-olds from less well-off areas.

Once a TV was a sign of affluence, now its a sign of poverty. There is just too much cheap trash around in our lives.


  1. #1 Tony

    Meh. TV is outdated. Most of my news I get from the Internet, which tells me CO2 isn’t driving global warming, it’s all the sun’s fault, climate goes up and down with natural variability, and climate scientists get paid millions to suck at the university teat. Holy traitors to the human race, Batman!

  2. #2 llewelly

    All these electronic gizmos, having relatively high-energy manufacturing processes, are expensive in terms of CO2.

  3. #3 Alexander Ac

    Dear Tony,

    You should search the internet better ;-)

  4. #4 OLED TV Fan

    Computers are replacing
    TVs. But i think TV has its own nice features.

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