The goal of Climate Science on this subject (of glacier advance and retreat) is to present documentation that the frequently stated claim that glaciers are retreating everywhere is an inaccurate statement sez RP in response to his first comment. Of course, this is a waste of time (as well as attacking a strawman), as IPCC section 4.5.3 have already done it.


  1. #1 Bishop Hill

    Lonnie Thompson is quoted in the NY Times as saying

    “[Glacial ice loss is] a repeating theme whether you are in tropical Andes, the Himalayas or Kilimanjaro in Africa”

  2. #2 Dano

    Roger, in an earlier post to the same effect, tried to argue that one paper cast doubt on the statement that ‘glaciers are retreating almost everywhere’. I tried to nail him down on ‘retreating’, ‘almost’, and ‘everywhere’.

    He refused to post a quantification and clarify his statement, and the denialists quickly spammed the comments and the point was lost. That thread clarified for me that RP Sr is more interested in muddying the waters than whatever it is he claims he’s trying to do, and the prevalence of the small denialist crowd there bears this out.



  3. #3 Alexander Ac

    IPCC – has the snow and ice cover declined? –

    “Yes. Observations show a global-scale decline of snow and ice over many years, especially since 1980 and increasing during the past decade, despite growth in some places and little change in others”

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