Archives for August 9, 2007

Urbanisation, again

Via Lubos (sorry: I was looking for rumours of him leaving) I find some interesting stuff re the temperature record it China. Lubos has misunderstood and oversold it, but the original makes for strong and interesting reading. Mind you SPM fig 4 makes it rather unlikely that any major change to the temperature record is…

Bray and von S

Apologies – back to climate, but opinion, not science. Bray and von Storch ride again! See Nature’s blog and a long write-up of their results. In the blog, they attack Singer for taking stuff out of context, and the skeptics for misrepresenting their results. But they also defend the methodology of the 2003 survey, which…


Continuing the non-climate theme for the moment, I offer you The Seeker Culture of the Thames Valley by my father in law, now a historian since retiring from the oil industry. The photo is irrelevant to just about everything, a suggestion from Concarneau that is unlikely to overtake coffee breaks in popularity I feel.