Archives for October 6, 2007

Weitzman’s Dismal Theorem?

Interesting post on this over at James Empty Blog. So: Weitzmans basic thesis is: the PDF of the climate sensitivity has a long fat tail; the cost diminishes less quickly; so the “expected utility”, which is the integral of the two, is divergent. This has echoes of mt’s arguments, which he has been making for…

Brown Bottle

Broon bottles it says the BBC. Well no, they put it more politely: “Gordon Brown has said he will not call a general election this autumn”. Jolly good, all the politico-types can go back to sleep again. Of course, the true Brown Bottle (scroll to the bottom) was in Viz, but it proven hard to…

Three blind elephants

I’m still pondering doom but in the meantime, via Wolfgang via CIP, three blind elephants and a man may amuse.