Physics Phun from CIP


  1. #1 Magnus W

    Hmmm… So… that… hmm…

  2. #2 Gareth

    After a little URL-diving, I find this, and very good it is too….

    [It was a missing quote mark. Fixed. Apologies for inconvenience -W]

  3. #3 crandles

    And you can make your own levels like:{FCBC17DD-0873-405D-95CE-6023CA949689}

    [Very good. Haven’t got there yet :-( -W]

  4. #4 crandles

    I found at least 2 ways to do it before giving up and finding the extras. One of which completes without doing anything ???

  5. #5 Magnus W

    Hehe, for one minute there I thought that you overdosed on irony!

  6. #6 crandles

    You may find this a lot easier:{7B405A7A-1C82-4C6A-8B67-06DB93E2481B}

    However there is a catch. You are supposed to use some of the blocks to create the following starting position. (Haven’t found my way around the bugs in the level creator.)

    In this form, it may give an idea or two for the earlier one.

  7. #7 crandles

    I am shocked. I have won an ipod for High Roller which is now in the extras along with some other levels.

    Zounds! (Whatever that means, never heard it before.)

    They obviously didn’t have many entries.

    [Congratulations! A new future as a game designer awaits you -W]

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