At last, the truth


  1. #1 Duae Quartunciae

    Someone admitted that your conclusions are mistaken?

  2. #2 Alexander Ač

    No, I think William has RP Sr in mind.. ;-)

  3. #3 Luboš Motl

    [linkspam removed -W]

  4. #4 Steve Bloom

    It seems to be getting more and more common for anonymous septics to invent scientific credentials in an effort to enhance their credibility, as with our friend DR above. It’s a sign of progress.

  5. #5 Dano

    That RP Sr quote from his Drought 2002 in Colorado – An unprecedented drought or a routine drought? in Pure Appl. Geophys., is the passage I’m using in one of my plans at my new place on the Front Range, to justify lower water use. It’s a good paper.



    [Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying his work is wrong – most of it is good -W]

  6. Sorry, I cannot see where R Pielke Sr has changed his mind? Isn’t this what he has been saying for years? Can you explain what you are refering to?

    [Isn’t “my conclusions on the role of humans on global warming, and climate change, in general, are mistaken” clear enough? -W]

  7. #7 Cymraeg llygoden

    Avfuktare, think ‘Freudian slip’!

  8. #8 Hank Roberts

    Being misquoted is the same thing as being mistaken, like, mistaken for someone else.

    You have to be vewy, vewy cwevver to follow the logic.

  9. #9 Sean Pelette

    Its a poorly worded sentence. He is correcting the mistaken view attributed to him;

    “Pielke argues that climate models overstate the role humans play in warming the globe”.

    His real view is;

    “The climate models understate the role that humans play in warming…”

    [Ahem. I think you are missing the joke. Of course its a poorly worded sentence. Did you really think that I thought that RP had recented? -W]

  10. #10 inel

    Very funny.

    I followed your sense, W, right through to the word “recented”. As a typo, that threw me: “repented” or “recanted” could work ;-)

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