Confusing weather and climate

RP Jr has a whole succession of posts, starting here. I was going to point out why it was all rather pointless, but it seems so obvious and tedious to wade through that I’m not going to bother.

This probably wins my award for least enthusiastic post of all time :-(

[Update: RC do this in rather more detail. And there is a vaguely-relevant old post of mine -W]

Mind you, Nature isn’t any better.


  1. #1 pough

    Congratulations on your award nomination. If given the opportunity, I would vote for it; I like when you mix it up with the Pielkes, so this is a let-down for me. This isn’t taking science by the throat, it’s spitting a watermelon seed at it as it wanders by! Boo!

    [Rats, I’d forgotten my motto. In my defense, I’d have to say that this isn’t science, but non-science, which I’m allowed to feel uninterested by :-) -W]

  2. #2 Hank Roberts

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity or political science.

    Best comment so far there was from Steven Sherwood, who wrote in part:

    “… Why go back only to 2000? That’s too short a time. … All the predictions for the last 30 years have been fairly similar. The 2007 report (available to the public at includes a graph comparing the predictions back in 1991 (about 1/4 F per decade) against observations since then. I’m stunned that Roger didn’t immediately point this out….”

    Stunned. Yes.

    I’d post your memorable “five year trends” link and illustrations — that was a response to Pielke, too, wasn’t it? — but Tierney doesn’t care about science, he does “science” spin.

  3. #3 Dave Briggs

    Climate change is being blamed for problems at the annual ice festival in Harbin, China. Huge intricate sculptures are disappearing before the thousands of tourists that flock to the festival get to see them.

    I have hears that all we can do is adapt. If this keeps up I am going to buy stock in companies selling bikinis for the Canadian New Year’s Day festival! LOL!
    Dave Briggs :~)

  4. #4 ICE

    completely off-topic:
    i learnt yesterday that ice sheet melt had a positive effect on sea ice growth (via fresh water) – reading about (slight) increase in antarctic sea ice and increasing melt of Antartica (Rignot in Nature Geo), i was wondering if one could somehow relate the two ? ( my guess is no, it’s all atmo, but still…). and what about this effect in the arctic ?

    [All else being equal, its easier to freeze fresher water, so that bit is plausible. But I rather doubt the effect on salinity of Antarctic melt is significant all the way out at the sea ice edge. Certainly we didn’t consider it. Also not sure how that would fit the patterns of melt/growth in the ice – its not at all uniform -W]

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