…said the oily US spokesman on R4 tonight, as it turns out the US has been telling us porkies about torture flights. Though I doubt our govt asked too hard, since it enabled them to make denials when it was all becoming rather embarassing.

The UK govt is still insisting that the US lied to us in good faith. Understandable, I suppose: when you’re shipping so many people around, its just so hard to keep track.


  1. #1 Steve Bloom

    You don’t think this should count as payback for the Dodgy Dossier? Think how misled poor Bush and Cheney must feel to this day. :)

  2. #2 Hugh

    Hmm…I’m not altogether convinced that the CIA would have known to class Diego Garcia as UK territory. Even on my small globe it’s more than 4 whole inches away from the Houses of Parliament

  3. #3 Biff Vernon

    US lied to us in good faith? Yes, that’s the trouble. Too much reliance on faith rather than science.

  4. #4 Martin

    Hugh, what makes you think the UK counts as UK territory, in a national sovereignty sense? Airstrip One, anyone?

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