A vain attempt to shame me into fitness by making my times public. I may update this.

2007/12/04: 7:50 and 7:45 (?).


2008/02. 2570 and 4954.


  1. #1 James Annan

    That’s pretty handy for 2500m :-)

    [Certainly would be, which is why guess-the-distance is part of the fun :-) -W]

  2. #2 Sam-Hec

    I run to the bus…no time for real exercise. Okay, I confess, I ‘Wheeze’ to the bus.

  3. #3 James Annan

    Well it must be 2k, cos that’s what (almost) everyone does. You’d better call it an “ergo” over there though, or you will “out” yourself :-)

  4. #4 Greg

    So what does 2570 and 4954 refer to? 10 minutes and 20 minutes or just to the two workouts you did this month?

    If you haven’t has some serious coaching, get it–because mediocre technique will cost you a lot of time. Posting a video on UTube and asking for advice on the C2 forum is a good way if you don’t know any decent rowers.

  5. #5 greg

    OK, I see by your newest post that you row on the water, still the U-Tube video is a good idea, expecially since it sounds like you have some mediocre coaching.

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