Via JEB, a report of what is called a bet on global warming. However, in a fit of holier-than-thouness, both side have decided to give their winnings to charity, and have picked *the same* charity, so its all a bit of a waste of time. They might as well hand the money over now :-)

On the CD: Back to Basics. So many classic lines: the milkman of human kindness was a bit obscure to a 10 year old, but he liked its wrong to wish on space hardware.


  1. #1 Gavin

    it’s wrong to wish on space hardware…

    [Oops, that was a bizarre typo by me. Corrected now -W]

    otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. Apropos of nothing at all, this was the first LP I ever bought.

    [I think mine might have been Ziggy Stardust -W]

  2. #2 wildlifer

    My first I bought was either Aerosmith’s first album, or Queen’s first (both as new releases).
    The first I ever owned were gifts … Mama’s and the Papa’s when portable cassette players became cheaper to own (late 60s), prior to that Dean Martin and Patsey Cline on vinyl (~1965).

    I have ~400 vinyl albums.

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