Weird tech

Via David Appell:


  1. #1 Andy Deans

    That is one of the creepiest vids I’ve ever seen. I can’t explain why…it just gives me the willies. Cool technology though!

    [It scares me when I think of them being used for crowd control, say. Or worse -W]

  2. #2 IanR

    Wow. Very cool. I want one.

  3. #3 Brian D

    The balance and posture recovery is particularly impressive.

    Mind you, looking at this robot’s main website, it appears to be heavily top-down designed, which I find inherently less interesting than behaviour-based robotics, but I’m probably jaded by now, and that doesn’t make their accomplishment any less impressive.

  4. #4 JamesG

    It’d be really good to carry the disabled around. Cyborgs at last.

  5. #5 P. Lewis

    Impressive … but I’d like to see how it recovers from a force that lifts it and deposits it on its back.

  6. #6 Nereo Preto

    Those guys should produce a dinosaur and use it to simulate footprints. It would be really great to study ichnology. But I am quite sure they are planning much less exhiting things, such as killing enemies in remote controlled night blitzs or so… military people have no fantasy at all.

  7. #7 WhiteBeard

    Will beastie 2.XX have doubled appendages and be called the Big Arachnid?

  8. #8 Adam

    Mountaineers could use it to bring a G&T up from Everest base camp.

  9. #9 Alioth

    The behavior of the beta version is rather more amusing…

  10. #10 Alioth

    Oops, looks like I botched the HTML again. Meant to link to

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