Is Gray a liar?

Just a provocative title, to point you towards I accept Bill Gray’s climate bet offer – will he seal the deal? by Brian Schmidt. My feeling is that Gray will wimp out – I’ll even put money on it if anyone is interested :-)


  1. #1 Chris Colose

    Be careful; this sounds like something a skeptic can twist around quickly, like will April 16, 2018 be cooler than April 16, 2008 ? Or will the trend from 2010-2020 be warmer than 2000-2010 (which seems like a more reasonable assessment).

  2. #2 outeast

    As I asked on Schmidt’s site… is there any reason to suppose he’d go for a charitable bet (of any kind)?

    Surely the point of saying ‘I’d bet on it’ is to say ‘I’m so confident I’m right, I’ll risk money on it’ – but with the proposed betting mechanism, both parties lose their money regardless and the only thing ‘risked’ on the outcome is the money going to one charity and not another.

    I don’t think that it would be rational for Grey to take up this offer even if he is sincere in his declared willingness to bet. Since I have a bet going that’s on the warm side of William’s predictions, I obviously wouldn’t bet Grey’s side of the equation; but even if I did predict cooling (or non-warming) with Grey’s declared confidence, I wouldn’t take up this bet.

    [Gray can always bet directly with Schmidt if he wants to. The terms are up for negotiation -W]

  3. #3 Brian Schmidt

    Outeast – if Gray gives any money to charity normally, this is his chance to double it. Or, like William says, he can negotiate an alternative bet.

  4. #4 Eli Rabett

    Money given to charity is a tax deduction. Money won by betting is subject to taxes.

  5. #5 Brian Schmidt

    Might want to reconsider that bet offer, William:

    [It would be nice but I’m not holding my breath. $10? -W]

  6. #6 Brian Schmidt

    I’m in for $10.

    [OK. Do you take paypal (what am I saying… I mean, *I* take paypal, can you pay by :-)?

    Thats on: you+Gray concluding a bet for at least $1000 by end June?

    I could go higher but this is just for fun really.


  7. #7 Brian Schmidt

    I can pay by paypal. We’ll work out something if I win – it’s just $10.

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