Last sunday was the Champs head (named after the pub where they meet rather than their status :-) and it was a lovely day and we got to borrow Christs first boat which was lovely too. We were sort of OK, rather rushed and splashy, not long enough (race results from; nothing to see, move along quietly…). You can play spot-the-me if you like.

Yesterday, though, back in the old K8 we had a gorgeous outing, down below 1:45 in sprints and down below 1:30 very briefly. Onwards to the bumps…


Pic is frmo Denis; click on it for the original or for his public gallery.


  1. #1 Hugh

    You’d never guess you were enjoying yourself! :)

  2. #2 Adam

    If you look up “motley” in the dictionary, you’ll find that picture. ;) Cracking photo.

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