Wiki fun!

As an antidote to recent postings, I shall point out that wiki is also fun. There must be a site devoted to inspired wikipedia vandalism. But I don’t know where it is. In the meantime, you can make do with my own modest contribution (and I forgot this one, thanks M), or (thanks to Paul) this inspired diff wherein someone is taking the p*ss out of paganism (BTW, don’t omit the last 4 digits of the URL, as I accidentally did, or you will discover something you didn’t want to know. Don’t try this at home, or more importantly at work).

More seriosuly, since I’m on wiki, you could try Durova’s blog.


  1. #1 Steve Bloom

    This passage from Durova’s blog acquires a whole new topical meaning when taken out of context:

    “It is much more pleasant to correct negative damage on arctic ice floes than to interact with people who aren’t being their best selves.”

    BTW, if you win the sea ice bet and I ever express any interest in getting involved in Wikipedia, please use the proceeds to have me killed. TIA.

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