Archives for July 23, 2008

Day 2: 20 strokes

Or thereabouts. Might have been 15, might have been 25. Barring disaster we were always going to get robs 6, and they knew it just as well as us. Good turn out on the bank to watch us as well, so all the more satisfying. X-press 4 were 1, so assuming they didn’t bump up…

Buy our stuff (part 2)

Wireless scales! Your weight beamed to your mobile! See here. Now we just need to work out what to call it. The wire is just the power cord to the scales, of course, not connecting the scales to the phone :-)

Then you may like (hat-tip: PW). Or be up to date: Ooooh.. wordpress. Stoat: the obscure blog. Or at least, I try.