Not Michael, sadly, but Sarah. Just my opinion, briefly: I know nothing about her (just like everyone else) but it seems transparently obvious that she has been chosen ins a hurry to hoover up the Hillary-ites; ie, she is a gimmick (independently of whatever virtues she may possess) not a real choice; and that this is likely to unravel badly (starting now?).

Everyone else has noticed that this blows the lack-of-political-experience stuff up; so I won’t mention it :-)

CIP offers good advice.


  1. #1 Gavin

    But no-one has noticed the possibilities for satiric ‘palin’dromes (geddit?):

    Palin’s it! Veep peev? Tis nil (AP).


    I, Palin, am Manila PI!

    ok that one doesn’t make sense, but neither does this one:

    God! Palin or a cameo foe? macaroni lapdog!

    Hours of fun for all the family…

    [Macaroni lapdogs indeed. Was that by hand or are you using a generator? -W]

    [Stray s removed by request :-) -W]

  2. #2 P. Lewis

    Given her published account of GW as unlikely to have an anthropogenic component, it will be interesting to follow the debate on AGW when this arises in the politicking between now and November. There is a seemingly clear difference between Palin’s view and McCain’s (previous) view, which the grandees must have appreciated when they chose her. And it will be interesting to see, now that Palin has been elevated to VP candidate, how McCain answers question 2 in the Science Debate 2008. What will the wordsmiths come up with to paper over the divisions I wonder? It will be entertaining to see whether the words will withstand the heat of presidential/VP debate.

    But then, if “Hillary’s women” are going to vote for a Palin ticket because her supporters don’t like the fact that she lost out in the democratic process for nomination (and VP presumably — though I doubt either saw that as an option), perhaps it doesn’t matter what her views on most things are.

  3. #3 Raymond Arritt

    CNN interviewed a disaffected Hillaryite this morning. She said she now will vote for McCain. When the CNN talking head mentioned (in CNN’s typical indirect softball style) that Palin’s views on almost every issue are the exact opposite of Hillary’s the woman stammered a bit but said she was voting for McCain anyway. And this person was a doctor so presumably she has a brain.

    [Maybe her position was to vote for a woman, regardless of policy? -W]

  4. #4 Susan

    1. How did they find her? How many are there?
    2. Half the doctors in the world graduated in the bottom half of their class.

  5. #5 P. Lewis

    The (well-known) problem with brains is that they need to be put in gear, rather than be idling in neutral.

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