Another one bites the dust?


  1. #1 Eli Rabett

    Worse to come, especially if AIG goes under. This is really shaping up to be “Tales of Hoover Part II”, but then you know that I am an optimist.

  2. #2 Joseph Romm

    Could you please stop your attacks against this great company? It has released a terrific report on climate change. See

    James Hansen is the main climate change adviser for Lehman brothers. So please buy the Lehman stocks for all the money you have, to push it back from USD 0.18 to USD 80, otherwise I will show that you are a denier.

  3. #3 Douglas Coker

    JR. Well thank you very much. I laughed and laughed and laughed. But seriously. Is capital (corporations, big business) showing signs of really getting it or am I indulging in wishful thinking?

    Douglas Coker
    Enfield Green Party

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