Archives for September 15, 2008

Nierenberg, part III

Just a pointer towards Nicolas Nierenbergs blog, which contains his critique of Oreskes. He needs some comments, so don’t post here.

By S. P. Huang, H. N. Pollack, and P.-Y. Shen, also known as HPS. This is a very interesting paper. To understand why, you’ll need to at least browse The borehole mystery and More boring. To recap: the image shown was being shamelessly abused by the septics as purported proof that the MWP was much… is a project of Nick Barnes, who occasionally comments here. Its an attempt to re-write the byzantine GISS historical record processing software into something that won’t disgrace the 21st century, namely Python (boo hiss, but mt will be happy). So the bugfixes are nice and clearly described, and are things like “STEP 0 of…

Seaice: looking good

People have been posting comments about the sea ice again. We’re close to the min, though maybe not there yet, but from, which I think is the best pic available, it looks good for the good guys. The original in this series is Betting on sea ice?