So I thought I might read the JASON report of doom. TokyoTom has the details; abebooks doesn’t have it, but google books knows it and even has the contents list and pointed me at dualj who I’ve never heard of, and who spell purchase as “Purhcase” which seems curious. It doesn’t seem to have a very good reputation. I don’t mind risking $10 (+$21 for postage…), especially from paypal, as long as they aren’t going to rip off my password… ah well,I did it.


  1. #1 Oliver

    I’ll chip in a fiver if you’ll scan it in

    [All of it? Thats not worth a fiver, not at my rates :-). Anyway, what happened to the Nature library? -W]

  2. #2 Oliver

    Chip in — not buy. I imagine others might follow my lead.

    AndI guess I should have been clearer: I meant if you scan it in and post it publicly. if I get it for the Nature library then other people can’t read it, whereas if you scan it in they can.

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