Racing Willi Betz

I’m away on conference for a week, but its all tediously commercial-in-confidence.

Here is a guessing game: where am I?


More useful clues tomorrow.

[Update: its a 5-star hotel, but not with this level of service. Where is JA?]

The post title comes from my run last night. I only ever seem to run when abroad at conference, which means, not very often. But I’m now a bit fitter with my half hour cycle to and fro work so running is easier. 10km yesterday, by my estimate, along the embankment then up the long side of the island, paced by an enormous river barge with two Willi Betz trucks looking rather small on it. I was going just fractionally faster than it, and by the end had just about got as far as its bows.


  1. #1 silence

    You make it WAY too easy.

    You’re at the Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest.

    [Very good, I’m impressed. Unless you’ve been cheating by looking at flickr, of course -W]

  2. #2 silence

    I did look at flickr — there wasn’t any indication that it was cheating.

    [Well of course it was cheating -W]

  3. #3 James Annan

    Where is JA?


    [He’s a bit blurry, perhaps drinking too much -W]

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