I have a twitter feed, Quite what its for, I’m not sure. Maybe it will turn out to be useful. Maybe I can embed it into my blog or something. Did I mention that I have a pointless facebook page? Oh look, facebook has a twitter app. It doesn’t tell me what it does, and I can’t work it out even after adding it, call me a grumpy old technophobe :-(

[Update: more adventures in web2.0 land, in which I’m lost. Thanks to Paul, I worked out how to get my twitter feed onto facebook (somewhat unimpressed to discover that I can only import one feed, so I can’t import the blog and twitter, but then if you want to read the blog, errm, you can do that via google reader). Still not sure what use it is, beyond repeating J’s bon mots, lightly sanitised.]


  1. #2 Eli Rabett

    What is twitter?

    The Old Guy

    [I don’t know. I was hoping you would tell me – the Fairly Old Guy -W]

  2. #3 Hank Roberts

    > What is twitter?

    You know when you’re in the store and you hear two teenaters approaching from opposite directions on their cellphones saying

    “I’m in the Bread section, that’s C3, walking toward Baby Food, where are you?”

    “I must be close, I’m in crackers, it’s, like, F2, but can you see the milk from where you are?”

    Except they’re doing that with keyboards on phones or computers.

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