My son found the Incredibots site months ago, and showed me, and I made a few cars and stuff and though oh how interesting and then let it drop. But there are now any number of wonderful machines built there… today’s is the pendulum clock. Now (assuming I have it right) the mechanism isn’t correct – it’s backwards – but even so it is a wonderful thing to build. Some people clearly have imagination. The Panzer IV is pretty good too.


  1. #1 crandles

    OT: A suitable bet target?

    “Warwick Vincent, director of the Center for Northern Studies at Laval University in Quebec, said recent data on the ice cover “appear to be tracking the most pessimistic of the models,” which call for an ice free summer in 2013.
    The year “2013 is starting to look as though it is a lot more reasonable as a prediction. But each year we’ve been wrong — each year we’re finding that it’s a little bit faster than expected,” he told Reuters.”


    or is it just Siku news giving exagerated background and quoting out of context?

  2. #2 Alexander Ač

    Hi William,

    off-topic, but do you know, whatever happened to Shell energy blog? Why did it stop? Does it have something with financial “crises”?


    [No idea. I didn’t even know it had stopped, I lost touch -W]

  3. #3 kelebek

    güzel güzel

  4. #4 David B. Benson

    According to the Mayan calendar, the world ends in 2012?

  5. #5 Eli Rabett


  6. #6 Eli Rabett

    Not to be an old futzy guy, but Eli took his mom’s Seth Thomas apart as a kid and managed to get it back together with only a few extra screws left over. It even worked sporadically for the next few years.

    [Errm, what is a Seth Thomas? -W]

    Ebay is great for such science kits….

  7. #8 Alexander Ač

    William, is this hype?

    Stefan Ramstorf on SL:


    and Philippe Ciais on carbon time bomb, ala permafrost:



    [Stephan is a sensible chap, so I would be inclined to take him seriously. But SLR is still very much up for debate and analysis: what the ice sheets might do is unknown -W]

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