Corpus Clock

The Corpus Clock is at base a gratuitous display of wealth and pretentiousness; but grousing aside the main problem with it is that there is always such a crowd watching it that I haven’t been able to get a decent picture of it. It has been around for a little while, but I’ve only just noticed. The doorway it is in used to be that of the Gnatwest bank, which used to be useful. Now Corpus have taken it back to be a library so the public doorway was redundant.

The wiki article will point you at the right links if you care (and it seems as though they too can’t get a decent picture). I like the grasshopper, since it has a grasshopper escapement. Amusingly, for something that is supposed to remind us of the passing away of time, the page about it points you too a rotted page at Corpus. Ah well, mundus transit et textura eius.


  1. #1 James Annan

    CAM had a decent picture of it recently.

    I particularly liked this from the Wikipedia page:

    “The Corpus Clock is expected to be able to run accurately for at least two hundred years.[9]

    In practice, however, it stopped three times in the first month of its operation.[10]”

  2. #2 sidd

    For us Latin challenged ? what does this mean

    “mundus transit et textura eius”

    the world changes and …?

    [You’ll have to forgive my declensions (cue possibly the funniest piece of film ever; the bit at 1:48 is just perfect); most of the text you’ll find on the wiki page; the one missing word you can find yourself -W]

  3. #3 James Annan

    Sorry, I forgot that you may not see CAM despite living over there. What’s more, it was actually in the Corpus alumni magazine rather than CAM, along with an article about it and its designer/benefactor.

    [Errm, no, what is CAM? (other than Compressed Anti-Matter, for fans of IMB). Mind you there is a truely grotesquely pretentious book about the clock with some very nice pix in it.

  4. #4 James Annan

    I meant this CAM, but it’s hardly relevant. Actually it does have a picture of the clock, but not the one I was thinking of.

    [Ah, no, not on my reading list, since I come from a better place :-) -W]

  5. #5

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