Janice is Menno Simons, who Ive never heard of, in the Which famous theologian are you? quiz on facebook. I’m an aetheist, which isn’t a promising start, but I thought I’d have a go. Question 1 rather stumped me, since there isn’t a “Through grace alone” option; if I did believe in a god it wouldn’t be some wossy god who was bound by what I believed, though I’m sure god would be allowed discretion to take into account my beliefs, if so inclined.

I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer to any of the other questions either, but I fought my way through to the end, only to discover that I needed to spam 15 friends for it to tell me the answer. Well b*ll*cks to that.


  1. #1 Alan Woods

    Pope Gregory the ninth.

  2. #2 Pierce R. Butler

    You’ve never heard of Mennonites?

  3. #3 David B. Benson

    Marcus Aurelius.

    Oh wait…

  4. #4 Antiquated Tory

    I came out Menno Simons, too. Must be the good works, pacifism but not always, and adult baptism. Of course, as a weakly atheist Jew, “none of the above” would have been most of my answers.

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