Cam clean

Anyone who was anyone (and some who aren’t :-) went to the great Cam clean up. Unlike James, I didn’t bother turn up for the speeches. This may have been a mistake, as not only did I not get on the grapple teams but also by the time I’d come along most of the litter had gone too. I walked from the FSG (G not J to keep Andy happy!) to the railway bridge and found somewhat less than a bin liner’s worth. Still, it was a lovely day for it, I got to abuse Meg in the tub (sorry) and I saw some nice lichen:

Weird sight of the day was the diver finding stuff under the Elizabeth Way bridge, as marked by his inflatable floaty-thing, which lead to log-jams of VIII’s as they tried to avoid mowing him down. Which they couldn’t even if they tried, since an VIII draws about a foot of water at the most, and he was well down.

There were the traditional lorry-loads of bikes dredged out and kids watching the show. A fair morning out, though not as much fun as going rowing.

After dinner, a 5km run:


  1. #1 Alexander Ač

    Hi William,

    sorry for off-topic, but something for you:

    “Arctic CO2 levels growing at an ‘unprecedented rate’, say scientists” – yet more Airborne fraction? :-)

    [Reads like a lot of over-excited tripe (again). What does “These are the highest figures collected in 50m years,” said Johan Strom, professor of atmospheric physics at the government-funded Norwegian Polar Institute mean? Clearly not what it says. Anyway, CO2 is (broadly) well mixed. You learn something interesting about local production from the Arctic figures, if they are put into context, but this doesn’t.

    and something more on increasing methane:

    [Methane: yeah yeah. All that CP stuff is wildly over-hyped: it is almost impossible to extract any useful info from it. Arctic methane deposits are always “vast” and so on. The bottom line for methane, which you will never ever hear Romm say, is that we are currently well below is92a or whatever and show no signs of exceeding it -W]

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