Brain transplant

Following my oops I got a new portege, though it had a blank disc. Fortunately I didn’t really care about that, as I wanted to swap discs. This turned out to be a matter of 2 screws on each box, and lo and behold the mind and memory of my old machine is transferred to a shiny new one, with the added benefit of keys that you can read and even press, due to a lack of biscuit crumbs and apple juice residue.

The only slight faff was that the wireless wasn’t recognised, presumably due to some hardware up/downgrade between the old and news ones. Downloading everything from fixed that (it turns out to be an Intel one, if you care).

Meanwhile, I used the pic of the old broken screen as a screensaver at work.


  1. #1 Eli Rabett

    Available as Stoatware?

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