Yesterday was appalling weather-wise: lightning and thunderstorms all day long and torrential rain. At work, the man in the yellow jacket showed up and stuck his head into the ceiling void – this is a sign of really heavy rain. He doesn’t seem to do anything – its more like the seaweed you hang up curling; or the little figures in the barometer who go in and out; as an indication of the weather. This wouldn’t matter much except bumps is next week and we need to get our outings in, and our roving reporter on the river bank (Emma in nb Kestrel) told us that the river was over its bank and creeping up over the hard. Fortunately it stopped raining just in time, and we only got our delicate little feet a tiny bit wet. Oddly enough it was really quiet out and we had a good undisturbed outing.

My photo shows evil City blades (boo hiss) and the beauteous Amy umbrellaing off to prepare James-the-Cox’s birthday cake wot I also photographed, though that will be of no interest to people who weren’t there. Just like the rest of this entry :-).