Les promenades d’Euclide

Flipping through a book of Magritte at luchtime after our race (10:08; (see the full results for context; yes I know you don’t care this is for my records) which is quite passable for a crew with several near-novices rowing a floating wardrobe (we reckon the K8 was built late-1950’s to early-1960’s, so it may or may not be a bit older than me)) I found this image. If you click on it you’ll get some art type exponding about it but I don’t think there is much to say other than “that’s interesting”.

This is the “misc” post so next up is Classic Album covers on stamps. They claim they were chosen purely for the artwork but I don’t believe them; no way would Tubular Bells make it for the pic alone. Ziggy Stardust is from my childhood; Parklife is the best of the lot; London Calling is indescribable.

DSC_3076-symmetrical-insect DSC_3052-pelican-looking-very-fat This is from todays visit to London Zoo. It is a stick insect, cunningly made to look leaf, and for added verisimilitude it is a nibbled leaf. But due to the cunning workings of genetics, it is a completely implausibly symmetric nibbled leaf.

I liked the pelicans most though; I hadn’t realised how fat they looked.

London Zoo still has real objects and hasn’t been taken over by “expositions” the way the Science Museum has, but is in some danger of heading that way. The fish and chips were good, and (as they painstakingly explained) the fish is sustainably sourced from NZ; hopefully frozen rather than flown over.


  1. #1 bigcitylib

    “Parklife is the best of the lot.”

    You’re mad. Let it Bleed, Zep 4, and London Calling. In that order.

    This is worse then when you praised Pielke Jr. Way worse.

  2. #2 Adam

    “You’re mad.”

    I assumed he was talking about the artwork, in which case I agree, even if the album itself is fighting valiantly for last place.


    Years ago, spent a great week watching brown(?) Pelicans off the coast of Tulum. It wasn’t the reason for the trip, but it was a highlight. Wonderful birds and a very interesting shape something that flies.

  3. #3 LCS

    10.08 – fast moving furniture! But you didn’t win your category?

    [12 seconds out. So allowing say 20 secs for an old boat, we won by 6 secs. Ahem :-) -W]

  4. #4 LCS

    Can you suggest a ‘classics’ category for next time? (For the boat, of course :-)

  5. #5 Gareth

    The London Calling cover is a “tribute” to Elvis Presley’s debut album… and is excellent.

    [Holy sh*t you’re right, it is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_Presley_%28album%29 I didn’t know that, thanks. That just makes it better -W]

    If they had to have a Bowie cover, Pin-ups would have been more iconic, I’d have thought. And the first Led Zep album. Or Blind Faith… ;-)

    [Thats part of what makes me think they chose it for the music too, because that rules pin-ups out. ZS is the era -W]

  6. #6 Adam

    Doesn’t explain the odd Pink Floyd choice though, which is neither their most classic (or best or etc…) cover, nor their best album.

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