Archives for October 23, 2009

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

Roger is having a spot of trouble: everyone is being nasty to him. Once upon a time the mighty Prometheus bestrode the world like a Colossus and ate big fish for breakfast, but now it seems Roger swims with the minnows and it isn’t a nice world down there. Eli shows him no mercy –…

I like Bread

By way of a contrast, here is something I like: home-made bread. Also an index of how relaxed I feel. I’ve come to like the “make lots of rolls and let them rise into each other” style.

I hate Word

Hardly an original sentiment I know, but I feel moved to make a token gesture of disgust at the monstrous bloated pile of junk that can’t even paste text sanely and appears unable to resize a table in a comprehensible manner.