Merry Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all the blogs were silent as mice.


The usual fare will return. For now, comments are off. Happy Christams to all!

[Update: comments are back]


  1. #1 Stephan
  2. #2 Hank Roberts

    Wow — trolls _and_ grinches _and_ Malkin, oh my.

    You are exceptionally favored by the dork side, William.

  3. #3 Hank Roberts

    And wow again. If you gag your way through that article Stephan linked, about WC and Wikipedia, you’ll get to where it says:

    “… the skeptics needed time to recover their more detached sense of what is really going on with the weather. So the warmists enjoyed a head start thanks to their political zeal and their lack of scrupulosity.”

    Wossat? Huh? He thinks “warmists” lack whaaaat?
    Let’s lookitup:

    Definitions of scrupulosity on the Web:


    Scrupulosity is pathological concern with one’s personal sins, including “sinful” acts or thoughts usually considered minor or trivial within their religious tradition. The term is derived from the Latin scrupulum, a sharp stone, implying a stabbing pain on the conscience.

    Oh, that can’t possibly be what he meant, can it? He thinks this is lacking in “warmists” so presumably is amply supplied in the people he agrees with? Weeelllll….

    * Anxious over-attentiveness to the details of moral or religious requirements (Wulff).

    Well, I guess that’s what he meant.

    Ah, what a pleasure it is to see the rhetoricist hoist on his own petulance.

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