Best posts of 2009

Paul puts up his best posts of 2009 and that seems like a good idea. He did 8, so I think I should try for 9. I’ll write it tomorrow; you’ve got till then to do it for me :-)

No-one did my work for me. And I decided to do a rough pick month-by-month instead.

* Jan Hegel does maths
* Feb “Will” I be able to think of a witty title for this post? (it was a thin month; runner-up)
* Mar Too hot to handle!
* Apr Wandering across the Arctic
* May Meinshausen et al.
* Jun Mays (runners up)
* Jul Communicating Science
* Aug Midsummer madness (well, it was August. And I didn’t win the bet)
* Sep Cassandras of Climate? (but thanks to S for the walk and all for the row)
* Oct Tiljander (stands well back from resulting flame war)
* Nov Those CRU emails in full (another exciting month)
* Dec Hulme

Gosh, I do come across as a sour cynical old man, don’t I? I assure you I’m not like that in real life, I can be quite positive about some things. Though I *am* like that in real conversation.


  1. #1 bigcitylib

    Nothing where you say nice stuff about Pielke Jr.

  2. #2 P. Lewis

    How can you chose a “best of”? They’re all good (he says, putting on his best Uriah Heep demeanour)!

    Hmm … well, I suppose you could start by mooring the “messing about in boats lot” in some cyber backwater :-)

  3. #3 Deep Climate

    Well, June’s runner-up (“Foaming … with Joe Romm”)had some of the best comments, even if it wouldn’t have made my list as one of the best posts per se.

    [I would have used that one for June, except I was sort-of trying to be positive and friendly for the New Year. A doomed attempt, I know -W]

  4. #5 Eli Rabett

    The truly sour and cynical would put up a worst posts list you little warmer you

  5. #6 Deep Climate

    I’ve looked at (or at least moused over) the lot now. February’s runner-up appears to be … this very post!

  6. #7 Vinny Burgoo

    The best posts of 2009 were unquestionably Colin Beavan’s ‘Have you seen my stolen rickshaw?’ and its triumphant sequel ‘My rickshaw returns!’ Beavans’s comic creation No Impact Man is a Pooter for the Noughties and these posts showed Beavan at his best. The surreal banality of the titles, the photo of the long-suffering CarrieMichelle sitting in the back of the blessed thing plotting larceny, the sustained genius of the cloned, stoned, hippy-happy-clappy comments …

    Oh. You mean your blog posts.


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