See attachment

DSC_4112Good grief. So I try to gmail someone a message, and I happen to say “see attachment” in my text, and when I press “send” up pops a little box “I notice you said see attachemnt, but there isn’t one. Is that alright?” or somesuch.

Well, I thought it was interesting. This is (probably) Mr Asbo.

Coming soon: the thing none of you have noticed about the “key” papers :-)


  1. #1 Hank Roberts

    Hm, doesn’t happen when I try it. You must qualify for a higher level of scrutiny. Or else they read your blog and are masking the message for those of us who’ve been warned ….

  2. #2 Joel

    Yeah, that feature’s been in labs for a while, but it now seems to have been rolled out.

  3. #3 diessoli

    Kmail has been doing this for years, which has prevented me a few times from forgetting the attachment. But I remember that the first time the friendly note popped up I was duly impressed. It’s not a big deal technology wise, but a nice move that the developers included it. You can even customize the tokens that it searches for.
    I got so used to it that I always make an effort to include the “see attachment” phrase and I since using a different mail client at work I managed a few times to forget the attachment.


  4. #4 Adam

    I think there’s also an add-on for Thunderbird that does this.

  5. #5 Hank Roberts

    Ah, I had to change Gmail View (footer) to turn ON a standard view option for gmail (I had ‘Basic HTML’ selected). With that, the General tab under Settings adds Attachment settings I wasn’t seeing.

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