A glorious days bumping action on the Cam, rounded off with a confident row-over by First and Third. Here they are looking happy afterwards, as well they might. The jollity here is in marked contrast to the totally zoned-in look all the top boats had during the race, where everyone was staring past the end of the world. There is a bit of crew commentary here.


And also congratulations to Pembroke who had a similarly untroubled time as head of the Women’s divisions, though not by quite the margin FAT had. But I don’t have a pic of them, so here is LMBC (5) just about to bump Caius (6).

Full results no doubt available from http://www.cucbc.org/mays/results when CUCBC stop drinking champers and start typing at keyboards again.

I watched M1 with friends, who had come down because their daughter had started sculling. Despite living in Cambrdige for 14 years, and despite he being a fellow of a college, they had *never* been to see the bumps before. Can you believe it? Astonishing.

Link to: Mays, 2009.