DSC_5057-pump Yesterday we rowed over, but discovered that we could leave the crew behind us and most likely catch the crew (Nines 5) that Cantabs 7 dropped for us. And so we did, just under the motorway bridge, which was a pleasantly short row. We had just a teensy tiny little moment of panic on the second stroke when someone on bowside got a minor crablet but we recovered from that quite nicely (we had managed a truely storming practice start on the reach that fairly whizzed us along. Alas that used up our one good start of the day :-(). We’ll need to row rather better tomorrow if we want to get Cantabs 7, but that is another day.


Here is us being happy (note willow). For future ref: top row, L to R: Nick Lee (5), Michael Schmidt (3), William Dulyea (6), Kate Hurst (stroke), me (7), Tom Mansfield (4). Bottom row: Dave Richards (bow), Emma Metcalf (cox), Paul Holland (2). We’re outside Corpus boathouse ‘cos we borrowed a Corpus boat, which is why we have those odd red blades with the white stripe. Yes, I know, I look like an idiot and the hat diesn’t suit me but it does keep the sweat out of my eyes.

News from the rest of the club is good: W2 bumped up again, M3 bumped up, and so were sandwich boat in division 3, where they rowed over. Well, the exercise is good for them. W1 also went up, so coming into M1 we were on a clean sweep. Alas M1 fell victim to the mighty Cantabs 2, though they did better than Nines 3 by getting into the gut, and closing to within maybe half a length on City 3.

Tonights list, at the moment. And don’t forget to check Paul Holland’s blog for the Cambridge News.

DSC_5097-remains-of-bow-bobble That is all that is left of our bow bobble. We came into the side rather hard after the bump, this happens in all the excitement. Thankfully Andy “Turkish boat repair man” Nicol had a spare to hand. If you have access to the club website, Chris Wood put up some wednesday night photos of M2 and M3.

Meanwhile, TS says:

It reminds me of Peter Tinniswood’s Tales from a Long Room, as narrated by Robin Bailey. I have only a vague idea what you’re talking about but it’s still amusing.

Ha! This is the premier sporting event of the year that you’re dissing old monster.


  1. #1 Amy

    If I remember. you lost our bow ball when you coxed us last year, before we’d even raced! Mind you, I was impressed by your heroic efforts to retrieve it!

    [Yes, I recall that. It was not at all stressful, not one little bit :-) -W]

  2. #2 Martin Vermeer
  3. #3 carrot eater
  4. #4 Tony Sidaway

    It’s not the sport I find amusing, but the language. I love rowing, and in my younger days spent many a happy hour in the back of a rowing boat on the Wear, working the rudder while my beautiful strong wife flexed the muscular arms with which she would presently bear our first-born. We called him our first-born because she bore him and left me carrying his sister and running to catch up.

    We ended up with the makings of a decent coxless four, a little heavy to strokeside but pretty fast.

    [My wife remains resolutely opposed. There are stirrings of interest in my son and daughter, though -W]

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