Belette labs

There are no google hits for “Belette Labs” and this (for reasons that will become clear later) needs remedying.


  1. #1 cynicus

    Ah, a guessing game… :-)

    Is it something to do with Christoper Monckton?

    [Ding! Fail :-) You’ll never guess. However, I am (once again) impressed with google’s speed: they’ve now picked up the link. Clearly they are hanging on my every word, pity these ones were so inane -W]

  2. #2 eldereft

    Is the steampunk track at Dragon*Con getting really out of hand, or is it sea ice time again already?

  3. #3 Chris Ho-Stuart

    I recognized the name from comments at the warren.

    [I’m a shameless imitator -W]

  4. #4 Eli Rabett

    Renaming the Wikipedia?

  5. #5 Steve Easterbrook

    Now up to 57 hits and growing. You’re measuring the speed of the echo chamber…

    [Its a bit scary, no? -W]

  6. #6 flavius collium

    Clearly, a move back to the academic world!

  7. #7 Steve Bloom

    Submitting a comment on Curry?… but that’s an obvious guess.

    [Getting warmer, but definitely no cigar. I need to stop giving out hints -W]

  8. #8 Tony O'Brien

    WUWT, the weasel chamber?
    I admit it, I used google translate.

  9. #9 cynicus

    Are second guesses allowed?

    If so then I like to reenter the competition with suggesting this is a scandalous self promotion of our host, also known as Belette on blogspot…

    Something to do with minimum sea ice extent this year?


    [Nowt to do with sea ice. Shameless self-promo? Mais oui -W]

  10. #10 Tony O'Brien

    According to Google translate the Stoat is Hermine, Weasel is belette.

    Which means your are bearing down on Mexico at present or you have a Tropical Storm named after you.

  11. #11 Steve Bloom

    I guess again: Comment on Spencer and Braswell’s latest?

    [Haven’t even seen it. Ah, but you mean While some might object to the term “internal radiative
    – indeed, that looks like an attempt to muddy the waters. Didin’t read the rest, maybe I should -W]

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