is a new project from the clear climate code folks – go have a look. And maybe even do something :-). It am all de rage at the moment to dothis stuff, and it will be interesting how “open source” attempts mesh together with more heavyweight government backed efforts. What next – “clear climate reviews” to replace the next IPCC report?

ps: sorry abut the silly slider-bar thingy at the bottom, if it is still there when you see this: I think that Seed must be experimenting with some new widgety stuff. I wish they wouldn’t do that.


  1. #1 Nick Barnes

    Thanks, WMC. I’m putting my real life – work, money, food, etc – on hold for several months to do this, and I’m optimistic that we can get the ball properly rolling.

  2. #2 dhogaza

    The formation of your non-profit is just great, Nick. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

  3. #3 Nils Simon

    Hey Nick, very good work you’re doing! I can only guess what it means to put this amount of effort into CCC and the foundation.

  4. #4 William Wallace

    Sorry I was just wondering where is James Jay Lee’s blog at scienceblogs?

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