I’m hoping that reproducing the Company’s own press releases won’t get me into too much trouble.

CSR is today marking a major landmark in the company’s 12 year history; the production of its two billionth chip on 30 September 2010.

Having celebrated the production of its billionth chip rollout in only April 2008, CSR continues to enjoy healthy growth and continues to lead the Bluetooth market in terms of both innovation and designs. It took eight years for CSR to achieve the milestone of shipping one billion chips to its customers, but only a little over two years to reach the two billion figure. During the summer of 2010, CSR shipped at a rate of around 1.6 million units per day. This figure marks CSR’s continuing popularity amongst OEMs, which is down to a combination of leading, space-saving, power efficient OEM-led designs, low prices and close engagement with partners.

And here is the 2 billionth cake:


The nice plexiglass thingy was given for the 50 millionth chip. That was ages ago, long before I joined. I’m not quite sure how I ended up with that.


  1. #1 Russell

    Seems to me that’s the purpose of a press release.

  2. #2 David B. Benson

    Fish & chips?

  3. #3 crandles



    4.90 for September 10 – buffer zone, no win or lose.

    (The increases were faster than I expected after I predicted 4.8 to 4.86 just a few days ago.)

  4. #4 bigcitylib

    How many were Salt & Vinegar?

  5. #5 Steve Bloom

    “I’m hoping that reproducing the Company’s own press releases won’t get me into too much trouble.”

    Clearly you don’t follow Dilbert sufficiently closely.

    Also, is rollout some sort of obligatory buzzword that they’re compelled to use (ungrannatically, too) even when it’s inappropriate?

  6. #6 Hank Roberts

    Antennas of interest?
    “electronic devices of tomorrow could incorporate an antenna no bigger than a gnat”

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