We did it (part 2)

We did it refers. Killed Linda Norgrove, that is. You can listen to Hague make excuses, if you can bear it. The foreign secretary said that with the agreement of the prime minister he had agreed to a rescue bid because of fears that Ms Norgrove’s life was in “grave danger”. Well yes, indeed her life was in great danger, from the Americans. Who said that yes, they did it, but since they were the Good Guys and the other side were the Bad Guys, clearly it wasn’t actually their fault, it was the other guys fault.

Oddly, although Hague says “a number of soldiers had been disciplined” (not for killing her of course, but for the heinous crime of not telling anyone they had thrown the grenade) the Us military link says nowt about this; so we are left to imagine the seriousness of the “discipline”.


* Close the Washington Monument


  1. #1 MacTurk

    Note the amazing absence of gung-ho “We are fighting and dying in Afganistan for you euro-weenies” posts.

    Note the silence. The silence of the grave?

    [In this case at least the only named death was LN. I don’t think any Yanks kicked it. Presumably some of the Really Bad Guys were killed too, but of course no-one cares what their names were -W]

    Lastly, where was the SAS or the SBS? GIGN? The Polish GROM? If there is a hostage needing rescue, why send in the gung-ho “Peace through Superior Firepower(TM)” clowns?

    [I agree, it is a mystery why this operation was ever sanctionned. It seems to have been a Really Bad Idea which (I hope you’ll agree) puts it on a par with invading Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place -W]

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